Horse Race Betting

SMS Racing will help you to explore the Exciting World of Horse Race Betting! In case you are one of the many people who have always been tremendously interested in horse races and online horse race betting, but you refrain from taking the plunge because of several apprehensions ranging from credibility of the betting site or venue, to the knowledge pertaining to the best practices of horse race betting, then SMS Race Betting is indeed a blessing in disguise for you!

Comprehensive Guide on Betting

For the benefit of all the people who are completely new to the field of horse race betting, we have dedicated an exclusive team of knowledge experts for compiling a comprehensive and up-to-date manual on betting for beginners. This beginners manual is available free of cost, for all our registered members, and comprises of a chapter-wise description of the betting process in detail. This manual has been devised after taking into account all the necessary auditory compliances that are mandatory in the arena of legitimate horse race betting. So if you are a beginner and desire to become a champion in the realm of betting, grab this opportunity and hurry up to register with us right away!

horse racing betting

Live Bet Tracking and Race Updates

We understand how taxing your schedule is, and the fact that you are generally short on time. Because of this genuine understanding towards your situation and the fact that we have tried to place ourselves in your shoes, we assure you that online horse race betting will certainly not eat away into much of your time. All you need to do is to register with us, and thereon let us know of a certain range of requirements and preferences of yours. From there onwards, we will take the onus of carrying the baton forward. So once you have placed your bet on your favorite horse, you can sit back and relax while we will bring ahead to you all the live updates from the racetrack and a live statistical representation of your betting status.

Free Bets for First Timers

In case you have gone through our extensive database of information, but you are still not very confident enough to start punting, you need not worry at all. For all our registered members who are first timers, we provide you with the option of placing your bets for free for the first time. This is something similar to a trial game, wherein you do not have to put in any money, and it is a no win-no loss situation for you. Please note that we have introduced this system of free mobile betting as a one-time opportunity for inexperienced punters to get a hang of the game and the system on the whole. Once you avail this opportunity, it becomes a lot easier for you to understand the vitalities of the game, and thereon, you can go ahead and put in your money into a real game. Experiences Punters who register with us can readily decline this offer and resume with their paid betting.